Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 3: P-Day Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 11:35 AM

Family and Friends,
I really love my district, we are all power hitters and the CTM realized this so they're splitting us in half. It's really because we got last second provo missionaries and we can't have over twelve but it was still tragic. Today's our last day together but it's P-day so it's pretty awesome. We had one of the best testimony meeting in our district last night and it was right after we discussed an amazing devotional we had in the afternoon so the spirit was tanto forte. Me, my companion and four other elders are getting sent to make another district tomorrow probably. I'm sad we're splitting from our sisters and extremely sad we'll be losing Irmao Costa but we're getting Irmao Barros who is super amazing and Irmao Alvino who looks like Buzz Lightyear. District 47-A was super awesome but we all understand that it's God's plan for us and we'll all become fantastic missionaries nonetheless, Quick Run through.
Elder Winsor, Texas, Jois de Fora
-District leader, great elder, funny awesome and we have toonss in common
Elder Dean, Alaska, Sao Paolo Interlagos
-Zone Leader, extremely smart, very strong testimony
Elder Lincoln, New York, Sao Paolo Sou
-Best friend, great example, super good encourager
Sister Serre, North Carolina, Piracicaba
-Super helpful, extremely nice, really smart, and very good example
Sister Thornton, Maine, Curitiba
-Very fun and great group spirit, super tall
Sister Keegan, New Mexico, Sao Paolo Sou
-Artistic, very shy but strong in message
Elder Higgins, Georgia, Bela Orasante
-Socially different but very smart and diligent
Elder Johnson, Ohio, Campinas
-Very optomistic and kind
Elder Wells, Virginia, Jois de Fora
-Energetic and outspoken
Elder Dunkel
-My companheiro, hard time with the language but very strong in the gospel
Led by Irmao Costa, Kung fu gospel champion, And Irma Debora, super difficult pesquisador.
That's District 47-A, Elders Johnson and Wells came in this week, and Sister Thornton last week but they fit right in.
Kind of excited to see how the change works out. Went to the temple again today never ceases to start my day in the best way. Can't wait for christmas, instead of snow here we have dry warm weather and the occasional bipolar showers. Hope everyone back home's doing well. It's gettting hot out here. I love the country though, it's soo beautiful every part of Sao Paolo offers a different view. For choir practice we have an amazing conductor Irmao Asbahr but he's leaving to Argentina this week to study medicine. He makes the missionaries sound like an army of Angels it's fantastic. His last day is today and he came into our district classroom and played violin while we sang two hymns. He also sang hymns with us on the bus ride back from the temple. Ever since Sister Peterson left and gave our district the miracle tie we've been split in two and lost our conductor, not really working for us. I've felt nothing but love from the Brasileiros gets me so excited for the field. Wish everyone the best of luck. Boa Sorte, ate a proxima semana.
Com abrasos
Elder Menendez

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