Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 1: P-Day Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 10:35 AM

A Familia e amigos
Hoje foi um semana. O CTM é muito bom. Eu estou muito grato por tudo que vocês fazo. Meu companheiro e districto som muito bom. Ele nohme ê Elder Dunkel e onde illinois tambem. Ele tem problemo com aprendendo portugues mas eu estou ensenando. Quando fala espanol ê mais fascil por arender e entender purtuguese mas falando è um poucou mais dificil. Eu estou muito feliz e animado por este oportunidáde. Posso orar em somente portugues agora. Nos brasilerios te amo a tudos e som muito feliz a tudo eles dias por isso Tem amo por tudos e quero muito.

The CTM is so amazing, today marks one week. It`s so amazing here and my district is tão great. My companion`s having problems with the language but we´re all exellerating beyond expectation. The gift of tongues, O dom de lingues, is true and I´ve seen it bless our lives. Traffic here is insane I´m so glad we walk everywhere. I see Sister Peterson and Sister Dalton almost every day it´s fantastic. We get to go out and explore the city around the CTM today which i´m extremely excited about. Today we went to the temple as well as the distribution center which was soo beautiful and amazing. Tell grandma I said thank you for messing my stomach when I was younger because I´m eating a lot of the same foods and I love it while my district members aren´t so grateful. Carne asade for lunch one day this week is how you know I´m loving the food. The language is so great. Knowing spanish has helped me inexplicably with understanding the brasileiros say. At first portugues was our only common base but a few spoke spanish so we could talk and teach each other. My roomates are my companion and four only portugues speaking brasileros so we´ve been teaching eachother our mother languages. A group of brasilians left last night who helped show me that this is a different country. The people of brasil are amazing and loving and soo talented. They are always happy. São Paolo (For Norma: pronounced saun pauloo) Is humungous and oh so beautiful. From our cuarto window we can only see less than 10% of the city. Our instructor said it´s the 5th largest city in the world. Our current instructor is Irmão Costa. I could not ask for a better teacher. He´s a short, loving, fantastic profesór who is one of the most amazing men I know. He speaks fluently English, Spanish, Portugues, and knows a little French. He´s so awesome with the gospel used to be in the military and even knows Karate. My district is accellerating quite quicker than most and most of us can pray fully in portugues. We can even bear our testimonies in porugues which I´m expecting to apply this domingo de jejum. since the second day we´ve taught a portugues lesson each night and since saturday i´ve been using only an english layout. Teaching by the spirit is a fantastic tool. The language is a lot like spanish which makes understanding a lot easier but speaking a little harder to not speak spanish. The accent is the big difference such as R=H, De=Je, and Te=che plus almost all the words are different most with minor tweaks. My district has 6 Elders and soon to be 3 sisters ranging from Alaska all the way through New York and Carolina and Texas to New Mexico we pretty much cover the whole Estados Unidos. I´m so glad for this opportunity to serve my mission and I love Brasil soo much. I even get chances to crochet on sunday and before bed it´s pretty awesome I just wanna crochet, spread the gospel, and live my life. I have been truly blessed I´m so grateful to everyone for all the pictures and everything you´ve done. I love you all.
Com Abrasos Ate a retornar
Elder Menendez

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